About This Site

rvhThis website chronicles various events in the world of technology - typically negative events - and allows me, Richard Van Horn (my LinkedIn profile), to opine on our reliance on technology and all the ways things that can go wrong.  There are two broad categories of these negative events and each is managed differently: 

Malicious Events -> Cybersecurity

Malicious attacks - external attackers, DDOS attacks, rogue employees - with the intent to do damage to the company and / or steal assets, are usually in the domain of Cybersecurity and the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).   

Glitches -> Technology Risk Management (TRM)

The other types of events are commonly called 'glitches' - where something just goes wrong.  Its not an outright malicious attack, but maybe a software change didn't work as intended or an infrastructure upgrade that caused a problem.  These events are typically accidents and the unintended consequences of managing a complex environment.  Managing these types of events may be in the CISO's office, but may also be part of Technology Risk function, which has a different focus and reporting hierarchy.  

I use this website to comment on these events.  I also use this site to comment on new trends in security or interesting solutions.  

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