Managing Technology Based on Business Risk


This website chronicles various events in the world of technology - typically negative events - and their impact on the company affected, the clients of the company and more importantly, the overall financial impact.

This website is intended for IT Auditors, Cybersecurity, Risk and Compliance professionals that want to manage technology based on the potential business impact - the potential financial impact of a technology event.  Rather than focus on events in the news, our focus should be on events that have a high or potentially fatal impact on our organization.

Similar to our colleagues in finance that manage financial risk based 'value at risk', this web site is called 'Technology at Risk' and proposes ways to manage technology based on the potential financial impact.  This is part of a broader effort to better manage technology - controls, processes and resources -  to avoid these major events. 

Our focus includes both unfortunate but everyday issues - ransomware and data breaches - as well as so called 'black swan' events that only happen once and can destroy a company.  We have a short list of these types of events.

With a focus on financially relevant events and educating our C-Suite on technology related risks (in their terms - dollars and cents), IT Auditors, Cybersecurity, Risk and Compliance professionals can manage technology to minimize those events with appropriate and cost effective controls.