2015: Tech Risk Trifecta

TrifectaOn July 8th, 2015, a trifecta of technology 'glitches' occurred that made many wonder if it was some type of coordinated attack or just bad luck.

First, the New York Stock Exchange had issues with trading.  The NYSE is  a high profile organization subject to attacks by hackers.  However, this turned out to be a technical issue that resulted in a disruption of services that lasted about 4 hours.  That disruption was also subject to a $14 million dollar fine by the SEC.  A very expensive disruption.

Later that morning, United Airlines also suffered a technical glitch that resulted in delays for a few yours.

Finally, the Wall Street Journal's website was unavailable as well for a few hours.  While not nearly as high profile or costly as the other two outages, it made for an interesting day in the news, and a good example how technology has to be actively managed to prevent both malicious attacks as well as 'glitches'. 

One interesting observation about these events was that if the press has chosen to use the word 'glitch' to describe technology events without a clear cause.  Hackers, rogue employees - those are known and understood.  If something is unknown then it is called a 'glitch'.